Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March Madness

And not the basketball kind. I LOVE March. Partly because it is my birthday month, but mostly because it starts to look more like spring. Days are longer, brighter and more productive. Ok fine, because it's my Birthday month!!

I have so many friends and family with March birthdays and with this being the year that a lot of us are turning 30 it has become one big party. Which I love. My favorite past time (besides shopping) is party planning and I am now a busy bee getting ready for my 30th!

Someone asked me the other day if I was embarrassed to be throwing myself a birthday party and I must not know me. haha. I enjoy every single step to party planning and know it will be the way that I envision if I do it know...Oprah style...

I am currently planning a Cupcakes + Cocktails party. I was inspired by this Party (fabulous blog by the way if you love party planning) and was eager to start planning. I won't tell you much, you will just have to wait for the post, but I will leave you with a preview.

Happy March Everyone!!

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Vicky said...

Cupcakes & cocktails sounds heavenly:) Thanks for the mention, I would love to see pictures after your party has happened.