Monday, June 22, 2009

Fairy Tales

Really DO come true!

The Fairy Tale Manor 10865 Preston Rd. Frisco, TX

For approximately 6 weeks now we have been secretly planning my mother's Surprise 50th Birthday party. My dad insisted that it be a Cinderella theme for the princess that my mother is. Our challenge was then to create the perfect party for 50 of our closest family and friends. We were going for more of a: glass slipper, dreams come true, fairytale party. Rather than a pumpkin, mice and fairy Godmother party. I am pleased to say that I think we succeeded!

The Cake table complete with mom's personal cake on the left and the two tiered cake (so good) from Market Street Grocery Store. The Metal Crown was created by someone my dad works with.

After agonizing over where to hold it, we received an invitation for a wedding in July to be held at The Fairy Tale Manor here in Frisco. It sounded like the perfect place for out party. I looked it up online and found a beautiful one stop shop wedding venue. It just seemed to be too much for a it!? Not for my mother! This place was perfect. I called and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were hosting 8 weddings in 7 days surrounding my Mother's birthday, but not on the day we wanted! Next thing you know it was ours, and I was EXCITED!

The next several weeks were diligently spent working on invites, gathering candy for the candy buffet, keeping the surprise quiet and using my mom's tax ID number all over town.

Candy buffet complete with only silver, blue and white candy. Metal frames read "How Sweet it is". Everyone received a take out box with a sticket on it that said, "Sweet of you to come" to take their candy home in.

I am so glad to finally share with you all the most magical day we had this past Saturday. Here is the plot. Mom was convinced we were to have a family portrait done on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. I left earlier in the day and was to meet them later. Mom was to get The Buddy ready for pics. She was all set. Meanwhile all of our friends and family started trickling into the venue ready to complete the surprise.

All of Mom's neices and nephews! We are actually missing 4 others who couldn't make it...We missed you guys!

My Sister with Granny and Pops. My Mother's parents

It was 3 minutes before they were to arrive. Dad was texting us with strict orders not to text him back. Mom was annoyed that the boys seemed to be dragging their feet and that they were going to be late to pictures. We were all standing together, anxiety thick and the anticipation was high!

One side of the room anxiously waiting

They got out of the car and Mom was holding The Buddy. Now, if you remember anything about my mother's reaction to surprises....Refer to this post....then you know she shouldn't be holding The Buddy for this!

So then we see Steven take The Buddy from her. She charges right up to the glass door (which we figure she will notice see us through) and marches right in.

We yell SURPRISE! She jumped! Yelped! Threw her hands over her face and started backing out of the room. We did it! We pulled it off and it was perfect!

We did it!

She started recognizing faces and running around the room to hug everyone's neck. She was so excited to see everyone. But we weren't finished! We hadn't even taken her into the ballroom yet...she is gonna be blown away I was thinking.

The Fairy Tale Manor ballroom

Delicious fruit and cookies brought by my Mother in law...yum!

We played vintage Price is Right for scratch-off card prizes, sang Happy Birthday, ate lots of candy, and visited with family and friends. It was perfect!

Everyone headed back to our tiny house to visit some more. A big group went on to the Roughriders game, while the girls stayed back to finally get to tell Mom all the times we had to lie to her to pull this off.

Fairy Tales really do come true. I witnessed it!

The Princess and her Prince

Here is mom the day after at the pool. STILL wearing her tiara!

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I love it! What a sweet daughter you are!