Monday, February 22, 2010

**Update Accountability**

The week after I wrote this post I was talked into trying weight watchers (rather than just counting calories) by my very fit college roommate. She was so confident that it would be just what I needed to jump start my weight loss, she paid for the online version of weight watchers for me and she was right!!

I have now been doing weight watchers for 3 weeks and have lost 4 pounds! so add that to the 1 pound I lost counting calories and I am up to 5 pounds in total weight lost!! I continue to workout for 30 to 60 minutes every night and I have really enjoyed it. I generally choose a Turbo Jam dvd (love em!) or the elliptical and I can feel my body changing. I am so excited to see how the rest of this journey goes. I will keep you updated!
On another note, I just finished working our largest event: NCA/NDA All Star Nationals. (think 15,000 cheerleaders + dancers and 30,000 spectators) It is a lot of hours, a lot of fun and a little bit of madness. The first day of the event we host a dance convention. Last year's lead teachers were Tabitha and Napolean of So You Think You Can Dance and this year it was Twitch from a couple of seasons ago. I was so excited to meet him and he was very, very nice and really funny. The dancers really enjoyed his choreography and personality. Wonder who I will meet next year??

NDA Unleashed 2009: Tabitha and Napoleon

NDA Unleashed 2010: Twitch

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