Sunday, January 31, 2010


It has been a week now and I have decided that I need to fess up to the world in order to be accountable for my goal. You see, my 30th birthday is 7 weeks from today and I am overweight. I don't want to be overweight on my 30th birthday. So I am doing something about it! Here is my story:

I was this girl for most of my childhood:
A thin, scrawny, quirky little girl. As a child I took gymnastics and dance classes for years. I was always the little one. short, and boney.

The next phase was high school. I was on company at my dance studio, the high school dance team and then a varsity cheerleader my senior year; which brings us to this picture:

This picture makes me laugh out loud! The socks...the cap....the stance...oh my! But I was the girl that never worried about my weight. I had a load of other insecurities but my weight definitely wasn't one of them.

Next was College:
That is me in the middle. My legs don't even touch for cryin out loud! Again, at this point in my life the most excercise I got was coaching cheerleading, cheering games, and dance practice. Bush's chicken was my favorite meal and I lived off of Dr. pepper. If I only knew then that I wouldn't have that body forever. I honestly at the time thought it would always stick around.

My next phase was my internship at Walt Disney World. This came after college and 5 months after major jaw surgery. I was the smallest I had been my entire adult life. As you can see...

The biggest thing on me were my shoes! My shorts are Abercrombie size double ZERO! That just blows my mind.

After a desk job, lots of nights home lounging with my honey and THIS: Things started to change.

Well, All of this to say that I haven't been equiped with the tools that I need to get back into shape because well...I had always been in shape. I mean, I have heard the right and excercise. But the truth is I have had to reeeaaallly think about what that means. Sipping on 1 bottle of water all day (rather than the 8 glasses I should have) and eating one pop tart instead of both in the package is not exactly eating right. And unfortunately shopping is not the best cardio (man how I wish it was).

But when 130 pounds settled on my small 4 foot 10 inch body (thats the height of a 4th grader, yall!) I knew it was time to think about a real change. I can't use the excuse, "Maybe I like being fat" any longer because the truth is I don't!

SO here is my goal. By my 30th Birthday, March 21st, 2010 I will be 16 pounds (or so) lighter. I have set a reasonable daily calorie goal for myself and have vowed to workout 30 minutes every single day in hopes to shed 2 pounds a week.

I started last Sunday, exactly 8 weeks prior to my birthday. I am proud to say that I have enjoyed all of my activities this week and even some new foods! I currently weigh 129 and am pumped for the next 15!

Now I have said it...and it is out there for all to I am accountable. Anyone want to join me!?


Dad said...

Good job babe. I'll join you. 15 lbs in 7 weeks. - Dad

walkers said...

you go girl! you can do it. I am on my own journey as well and it will come off! keep us posted!

Lacy said...

I had a goal to lose weight before my 30th birthday as well, and I did!!! I'm still working on trying to lose the last bit of my post divorce weight. You can do it, girl!!!

to the moon and back said...

ok little dumplin -- you can do this --- i promise the dr peppers are a big culprit -- i speak from experience --- i think you look great --- but i understand how YOU feel --- if i would tell you anything at all - it is that --- you WILL NEVER look the same again from one year to the next - as we get older our body has a mind of its own -- if i could encourage you at all - it is to let "the buddy" be your source of inspiration for this journey --- just think he will need you to be able to run and play -- and practice soccer and all that comes with his little "boy life" and you want to have the energy to do that -- as well as coming home after a long day at work and kicking it in to go to his energy level -- which can be taxing after a day of work --- plus you want to be healthy to be around for his journey his whole life --- good luck -- i have no doubt this will be a success for you:) love to the moon and back --- ceebee

Tiffany said...

Dad! That means the world to me. Thanks for joining me!

Adrianna, Thanks for the encouragement! I would love to hear how things are going for you.

Lacy, It is great to hear that someone has reached their goal! I'm gonna remember that when I get discouraged. Hope the rest is melting off of you!!

Ceebee, you are so kind. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...
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Nicki W. said...

how's it going??? wanting to hear what you do!