Monday, November 17, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

I was tagged to write about the 6th picture inside of my 6th picture folder. Well here it is...

This is a picture of my nephew Caleb on a recent camping trip. I love this picture because it is such an optomistic view of Caleb catching. You see the funny thing is that he looks as though he is just about to catch the frisbee, but he has an issue with catching. Darn it if he isn't a half a second early or late with his arms every time. The other thing working against him is the fact that his eyes are closed. He was sooo excited to play frisbee with the big kids, but it ended up being a pretty comical thing to watch. I love that he still has a smile on his face even though this is about the 50th toss that he is about to miss. Caleb is a very very bright kid and is really funny to talk to.

Here is a recent conversation with Caleb.

(Caleb walks into the room wearing his Spiderman costume...mask and everything)

ME: Wow...Look, Spiderman is here!

(Caleb walks over and stands next to my chair so I can get a better look)

ME: Spiderman, is it really you?

Caleb: It's Caleb (in a whisper..while taking his mask off)

ME: You really fooled me

Caleb: well, sometimes I like to wear this so I can save people

What an imagination. And the funny part is right after this conversation he asked his mom to take his costume off only to reveal a full on Texas Longhorn football outfit underneath. Wonder why he likes to wear that one...I love this little guy. He is such a great big cousin to Cohen.

There you have it....Now I Tag: Kacie, Nikki, Adriane, and Mom!

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