Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Thanksgiving to Remember

From the most adventurest black friday...ever (lets just say that we left at 11:30 PM and got home at 8AM), to the private playground and live raindeer, to Canton, it just doesn't get much better than that. Hope yours was as blessed.

Ready for the festivities

"We get fancy glasses!?"
Whole ballpark to themselves
Private playground...This is what fun looks like

Yep....that is THE Vixen
Cohen's First santa pic
My guys
Co-man's first go at the excersaucer


Lisa said...

WOW what a Thanksgiving! I wish we could have been there! We love you!

Nicki W. said...

he looks JUST like you!!! so cute! i loooove the 'give thanks' in frames--good idea!!!!

Adriane and Bryan said...

Drew has the same exersaucer/jumper thing at my parents' house, and the frog has always been his favorite part. Looks like it's Cohen's too!

I'm glad yall had a great Turkey Day!