Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Our sweet butterball is already three months old! How did that happen!? Where was I? What was life like before him is more like it. He is THE single most amazing thing in our lives, plus....I think he might be a genius!

We have been so blessed over the past several months, and enjoy every single second of him. He is so yummy! I wish there was a way to catch his giggle and save it forever!

He is gracious enough to sit for all my crazy picture request (thus the flying superman shot below), keep the shoes on that I always put him in (he may have more pairs than me), and lets me carry him in my really cute sling ( I LOVE that thing!)

Here is all about Co:
He Loves the song "It's a Sunshine Day." Yep...from the Brady Bunch
He likes to laugh at the fan
Likes to stare at shadows (like from the blinds on the window)
knows how to roll over from his tummy to his back
Enjoys his pacifier, but cant seem to keep it in his mouth
Hates the hiccups
Enjoys getting a bath, but hates getting lotion put on
Only wakes up once during the night
Holds his head up really well
Likes his hair brushed
Has slept in his own room for a month
Really enjoys sleeping with the noise machine on
Likes to laugh at daddy
Looks really intrigued when mommy does Cheers for him (Go Bears!)

All in all, Cohen is a really great baby! He sleeps well, eats well, and is never upset for long. I am sooooo thankful for that.
Cohen's first election day
Cohen and Jeffrey (refer to sidebar for slideshow)
Cute as a bear!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, how did I get so lucky to have a wonderful great nephew??? Because of his wonderful parents! His joy is a testiment of your parenting.
Love you all ~ GAL

Alex said...

oh my gosh he looks so old in that first picture! it's so cute, i just can't believe how much he's already changing!! He is seriously the perfect combination of you two... first glance it was all Tif, but looking more you can see both of you. Crazy!!