Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jace's Journey

I added a new link today: Jace's Journey. This family has been weighing on our minds and hearts over the past month.

I have known Cher and Jimmy McDougal for 4 years now. I work with Cher and was really excited to find out that her and I were preggo partners at work. You see everyone seems to have a partner while pregnant at work. After many, many years of trying for a family, then many, many dollars on procedures they became pregnant when they decided to "take a break" from trying. What a miracle! Cher's due date was 6 days after mine, and we enjoyed comparing notes.
About a month ago she found out the sex.....a boy and they were thrilled. The next day she was admitted into the hospital for some issues. At 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant, Jace James McDougal made is debut. The greatest part about Jace is the fight in this little guy. Everyday has been another chapter in Jace's journey, and I am pleased that they have started this blog so those of us praying for this precious family can keep up. Please take a moment to read about Jace, and keep this family in your prayers.
Sweet Baby Jace
(Jimmy's sz 7 wedding ring is on Jace's left arm)


Sharon said...

I love your site. What a tribute to our littlest NCA/NDA spirit stick recipient. Tiffany this is awesome. You are going to such a great mommy. I love the pictures of Cohen growing in your tummy. Congratulations to both of you and soon to be your newest addition to your family. It is an awesome experience.

Your NCA/NDA Co-worker

Holly said...

Hey Tiffany! I was at the Dr. with my youngest child and saw your aunt (or cousin - not really sure what she said!) and she gave me your blog address! I have been cracking up reading it. Jennifer, Gordon, Amanda and I had lunch at Christmas. I wish you and Michelle could have been there. The next time you are in town, let me know and maybe we can get together....I would love to meet your baby after the big day! It is great to know you are doing well. Tell Michelle I said Hello...and feel free to email me! hdunham@gmail.com...
Good luck with the baby...you will do fine with the whole birth thing and the "one minute contractions!"
Holly Nay