Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here's to 30 weeks

30 weeks! 70 days left...Crunch Time! I am so pleased to be 30 weeks along. It seems as though I have gotten this pregnancy thing down. And just when I am getting used to it, it seems to be starting to slipping away. Will I remember how all of this feels? This post is to make sure that I do.

Things I will miss about pregnancy:

1) The complete bond I have with my little guy, that no one else has
2) The daydreams about what he looks like and how life will be
3) Target dressing room attendants that let me take 11 items into the dressing room "just because your pregnant" rather than the limit of 6 items
4)The complete flexibility my boss has given me when dealing with appointments and days of not feeling well
5)The beautiful and perfectly made belly God has blessed me with
6)The 2 bowls of cereal a day, as well as the second breakfast waffles around 10am
7)The stories...everyone has one about their experience with pregnancy and they get such joy out of sharing it with me
8)How helpful Steven has been through the entire process.
9) The excitement that my family has for the debut of my son
10) My prenatal Chiropractor, my prenatal Yoga instructor and the prenatal masseuse. I couldn't walk straight without them!

Things I will NOT miss about pregnancy

1)The comment that there is no way that I will make it to my due date
2)Not being able to see the little bone on the inside of my ankle, due to swelling
3)My pasty skin..Whew I am white!
4)The occasional naseau
5)Continually growing out of my bra's
6)Public restrooms...yuck
7)My hip pain
8)My lack of motivation to do ANY type of excercise (here's to hoping that goes away with the swelling!)
9)Maternity Clothes
10)The silly food restrictions (No deli meat, no casear dressing, no caffiene, etc, etc, blah, blah)

For such a fraction of time, I am blessed to live in such an unique way. I am so thankful to have the experience and the priviledge of being Cohen's mom. I dont want to forget any of it.

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catherine said...


Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This whole blogging world is wild to me. I was so shocked when I got on the blog and saw that I had three comments. I was so excited. Yes, I would be honored to be linked. I am excited for you! I know you can't wait for that little baby boy to get here.