Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We'll Figure It Out by Steven Nelson

"Honey... We'll Figure It Out"

I am pretty sure Tiffany will etch these words on my tombstone. It is what I say when I have no real answer to her question. As a dad to be at 31 weeks, I need some answers. So, let's play 20 Questions...

1) How do you convince your wife that you think she is so beautiful pregnant when she knows she has gained almost 25lbs?

2) How can one tiny woman eat that much cereal?

3) Should I really trust a person whose profession is "Dog Whisperer?"

4) Am I really ready to be a dad?

5) Do I have an allergy to books, because it has been 31 weeks and I have not finished my dad to be books?

6) How early should I start training Cohen for soccer glory? He is already kicking the crap out of Tif.

7) Is there a genius out there who can make clothes for a 4' 11" tall pregnant woman? If so, we have not met him.

8) How can one man get a cupcake and snow cone at the same time?

9) Will Cohen like the color green? Man we hope so.

10) Should an OBGYN Nurse really be allowed to put her whole arm up there?

11) At what point does sympathy weight just turn into, "hey your fat?"
Is this it?

12) Is there anything cooler than feeling your baby kick?

13) Seriously, what is the world record for how many times a woman goes to pee in one full day?

14) Is it sad that quite possibly the baby stroller is worth more than my 1998 F150?

15) Are these the two scariest words a dad to be can hear... Coach Bag? I think they may be.

16) Is there anything greater than looking at your wife and knowing how great of a mom she will be?

17) Registering at Babies "R" Us... Is this what hell is like?

18) Baby Moon... Is that a real thing or did I just get totally suckered?

19) Does Sesame Street come in HD?

20) What are we going to do? Oh yeah, just remember...

We'll Figure It Out


walkers said...

what a funny guy, loved it. you are going to be such a fun mom! excited to keep watching and waiting...

Mom said...

What an ENTERTAINING Guest Blogger!! Thanks Steven! You made me laugh out loud!!! Love You!! ~Mom

Stephanie said...

I love your husband! That was very sweet of him!

SMFINALLYMG from the nest

Em said...

I think I love your husband!! What a sweet, sweet post!!

-blondie3379 from The Nest

becoming-mom said...

What a great husband, I'm sure you'll be an even better dad.

PS, if it makes you feel beter, my husband hasn't even BOUGHT the expectant dad books yet. He just mentioned he wanted them yesterday and I'm 33 weeks today :)

catherine said...

He sounds so sweet and supportive!

Aunt Lisa said...

Well Steven, there are some questions during pregnancy that just don't have the right answer. Just wait until Cohen starts asking the question, "How are we going to figure it out, Dad?"
I love you both