Wednesday, April 16, 2008

stripes, s t r i p e s , STRIPES

Here is another Private Preview of Cohen's room. It is still very much a work in progress. We have spent the last 4 nights working on the walls in the room and were SO nervous that it wouldn't turn out like we wanted it to.

I am here to tell you that stripes are really hard! Fortunately we bought a new painters tape called Frog Tape that guarantees that the paint wont bleed past it. I am here to tell you that Frog tape really works! I was very pleased with it. Below is the picture I found on the internet that inspired the room:
Here is a picture of the taping in progress:

Final Pictures....What do you think!?


Once Upon A the kingdom of Austin in the fairytale land of Texas there was born a fair princess with a love of all things magical, sparkly, and glittery. said...

Great job guys. I know it was a lot harder than you expected, but you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Dad and Mom

Mom said...

YAY!!! I LOVE IT!! I'm SO proud of y'all! It looks fantastic! I love the way you put your own twist on the stripes so they aren't exactly like the picture on the internet. I can't wait to see all of Cohen's furniture and accessories against those fabulous walls. Great Job! xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

WOW! i love it!!!

Lisa said...

WOW! You two are an amazing team. I can't wait to see how Cohen love's his room!
Love you, Lisa