Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last Lecture

I have Oprah on my tivo schedule and usually watch her in the evenings. Some shows I just delete, some I watch for a moment and get bored with. This particular episode really stopped me and made me think. This is not a show that was done recently; however I was reminded of it this morning and wanted to blog about it. Then when searching for the lecture, I found several shows that have featured him. The video below is of a professor at Carnegie Mellan University who is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer (what Patrick Swayze has) and is giving his last lecture.

It is truly worth watching because he is such a witty man with such an important message. Please watch it, and once you do I hope that it stays with you for a while. It has stayed with me. His optimism and great outlook on life is inspiring. What would be your frame of mind if it were your last days to spend on this earth??

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