Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March Madness.....more like Tiffany Madness!

While nervously watching the march madness picks, just begging them to say Baylor, I decided I would participate this year. We always have a bracket pool at work and I actually won a little money 3 years ago; however Steven filled out the bracket, I just turned it in with my name on it.

Not this year! I immediately started researching the teams and created a bracket anyone would be proud of. I couldn't wait to turn it in. Well neither could 70 other people at work. I figured I had my fun and would check on it every once in a while. email went out at work. Here is an excerpt:
"As many of you may have already seen the field of winners and losers has been cut down considerably.
Jon Brandy, Tiffany Nelson and Randy Richardson all have a shot at 1st."
WOO HOO! I can't believe it! First place is $170 and I think it should be mine. Below is what I have left on my bracket....wish me luck!

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