Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Maternity clothes makers,

I hate you. I feel for sure that I am not the first short, smaller person that has ever been pregnant, so why do you insist on making clothes that will NEVER fit me? Believe me, I have noticed that some of you (ie Old Navy, Target) now offer a maternity section; however it hurts my heart to have to walk past all of the beautiful, normal looking, non pregnant clothes to get to your corner (if i am lucky to find a whole corner) with a hot mess of weird clothes all thrown in a heap.

Secondly...just because I am having a child doesn't mean that I want to dress like one! I dont enjoy puffy sleeves or bows in the front or back of my shirts. Maybe just try making the cute stuff from the normal section a little bigger! Also, Just because I am pregnant, does not mean that I have won the lottery. $58-$65 for a shirt is rediculous no matter what the budget!

Lastly...I feel like clothes just started to figure out that we are sometimes below five feet tall, but still have hips and boobs. So why do you insist on giving us all options in S, M , L, and XL is hopeless.

Thank you for your time, and I will still be around for the next 4-5 months in case you would like to change things.



Nicki W. said...

have you tried buying bigger sizes in regular clothes? things are made so long and the style is loose, empire stuff--it may work for you.

also, here are some cool sites!

Tiffany said...

I have been lucky a couple of times where I just get regular shirts in a bigger size, but sometimes it is like buying in the kids section where they havent added room for hips or chest yet. I actually had some luck at JC penney!? Who knew they had petite maternity? I am enjoying the sites you sent (saved them to my favorites)... Thank you!!

lauren said...

I just bought some shirts at the Gap that will transition into early maternity clothes when we get pregnant. You might want to check those out!

Tiffany said...

I will do some shopping this weekend and will definitely check out Gap...I really love gap anyway.
By the way, I have been meaning to get in touch with you concerning your blog. I never contacted you when you went private and now no longer get to keep up with you. How can I get back on?

lauren said...

I'm realizing as more time goes on that I've been forgetting to invite people who I meant to invite! I am to the limit right now, but let me try to figure something out! What is your email address?

Tiffany said... Thanks Lauren!