Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Over the shoulder boulder holder

This pregnancy thing is doing some really crazy things to my body...it is amazing! A couple of weeks ago it became clear that I would need a new bra. None of mine were cutting it anymore. My good friend Tasha suggested this little shop in Dallas. She raved about what they did for her, and I am here to do the same. I wanted to hug the lady as I was leaving.

The Maddox Shop has been around since 1934 and custom fittings are its trademark. I went on my lunch break and it was quick and easy! The attendant put me in a dressing room and measured me in 4 different places. (Now I am not a modest person at all; however if you are wear a tank top with a built in shelf bra) She then left the room and came back shortly with a 34D bra! I was shocked!! I remember in junior high thinking I would have to pay for that size....glad I waited.

The next part is my favorite! She showed me how she would dart the sides and add some extra hooks to the back so it could continue to grow with me.....CONTINUE to grow, I thought!! Within a few minutes, I had a bra that was fit exactly to me for only.......$27 dollars!!! I was astounded. They do all alterations for free.

This place was a God send for me. If you have similar issues, I hope you will give them a try. My experience was fabulous!!

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Adriane said...

I may have to go visit this lady!