Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Brain

It's true. It exists...and I am suffering from it. Baby Brain. I could be mid sentence and totally lose my train of thought. Or I mean to say one word, but another comes out. It can be comical, but I have officially cracked myself up this time.

You see I graduated from High School in 1998 and realized a few months ago that this year marks my ten year reunion! TEN blows my mind. Anyways, my sister mentioned to me that my high school has an alumni page where you can look up your reunions and tell them your information. That way you wont miss anything. So I eagerly signed on and found my reunion to be July 22-25! But wait!....That is exactly one month before my due date! No one looks good one month before their due date. This is not at all how I pictured my 28 year old self looking at my ten yr reunion!

I started having nightmares about the reunion. I was enormous in my dreams. Nobody even recognized me. Maybe I just wont go.

WELL, today I decided to double check the date I saw online months ago because we have some weddings and trips now planned around then. So I sign on and.....wait.....did I read that right!? The reunion that is set for July 22-25 is for the CLASS OF 1988! That is clearly not what I saw last time. This could have been serious! I am sure no one would have recognized me no matter what I looked like. So their isn't anything to worry about now....except the baby brain I am suffering from and my learning to read and speak more carefully from now on.

Has anyone else suffered from this disease? Does it go away!?


Adriane said...

It just gets worse. Do you have a link to my "blog"? I have some stories in there you'd get a kick out of. Just wait until you start running into things or tripping over nothing. I'm a one-person comedy show for Bryan.

Tiffany said...

Oh great! Well what is your blog? I would love to read it!