Wednesday, March 05, 2008 cravings here

I have had several questions about whether or not I have cravings. I have discovered that I do not have cravings, but an association problem. This means that any everyday thing can make me crave food. Here are some examples:

1) While typing an email at work, my spell check finds that I have left the apostrophe off of the word don't. It gives me options for other possible words. The first one being donut. I bought one soon after.

2) While at work, a door that we needed to get into was locked. A couple of the girls were arguing over how to get it opened and one stated, " It isn't going to magically open". Then suddenly I thought....a bowl of Lucky charms would be fabulous! I LOVE cereal right now. I usually have it twice a day.

3)While in Orlando this weekend for our National Dance competition, I saw a participants credential that was red and yellow and decided that Taco Bueno was going to be my next meal.

Steven finds it comical and sometimes frustrating. I can't even take my lunch to work anymore because no matter what I pack by the time it comes around for lunch I want something else. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.

PS...our BIG ultrasound is scheduled for March 24th. The doctor's seem to be pretty adament the we are having a boy, but Monday, March 24th should confirm. What a wonderful weekend for this kind of news. My birthday falls on Good Friday for the first time ever, we are looking forward to Easter, then the big ultrasound. I will keep you posted.

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Nicki W. said...

haha! i ate my weight in sugary cereal, lucky charms, corn pops, and fruity pebbles. all day long i would eat these cereals. all day. and the third trimester i was totally and utterly obsessed with cheerios. you can read my old posts about it. so wild! it gets worse as the pregnancy progresses!