Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Duchess Kenzi McNelson

Kenzi is the leader at our house and has been since we brought her home 3 years ago! She goes on walks every morning and every night, sleeps right between us and always gets her way. We love our boogs and my heart was broken when she had a seizure two weeks ago!!! I was hosting a Signature HomeStyles party later that evening and was making a cheese ball when I noticed that she was walking funny. Well, I picked her up and as soon as I did her arms locked up by her ears and her eyes were shaking!! I knew exactly what was going on but didn't know what to do to help her. We called the vet and they said they couldn't help her unless they saw her. It is late on Friday afternoon and our vet is in Arlington (over an hour away). We made an appointment for saturday morning and by this time Kenzi is running around like nothing happened.

The vet said that Kenzi has Hyperlipidemia which means her triclycerides are too high. It apparently runs in her breed. Her levels should be at 300 or below; however her's were at 2800! We have changed her diet, given her fish oil everyday and cut out ANY table food or treats. I swear she hates her new food, but what ever we have to do to keep her from seizing again...

She has since had two more and it will take time to get her levels down. I just wonder how people deal with these kinds of things in their children when I can hardly handle it in my puppy. Has anyone had to deal with this in their miniature schnauzer or other breed??


cdjenkins said...


I found your blog through Nicki's. My husband and I have two miniature schnauzers and our oldest, Maggie, turned 3 in February, so she might be about Kenzi's age. About 2 years ago, she had a seizure one night...very randomly, and it totally freaked me out. She was acting funny, and then all of a sudden just froze and stared at me. She was trying to bark or growl, but it was just mumbling sort of. Anyway, she hasn't had one since, but the vet said that schnauzers are known to have seizures sometimes, and that some will have them more frequently than others. We haven't seen any more in her, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had any! She seems fine...but I was glad to read about the special diet you have Kenzi on. If we ever have this happen in either of our girls again, I will ask the vet about triglyceride levels. Oh, and I am totally with you on not knowing what we'll do if something ever happens to our future children...I am in a panic if Maggie or Marlee get out of the yard for goodness sakes!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for looking! Your schnauzers are beautiful! It really eased me to read that Kenzi is not alone. She had another one yesterday and we are looking into some omega 3 treats to give her with the fish oil. I will keep you posted.

Corrie said...

I'm also a friend of Nicki and a schnauzer mom. My family had a schnauzer when I was younger named Lana. She had high triglicerides and we had to put her on the special diet. Now that I have my own schnauzers we don't give them ANY table scraps...Lana often got "bites" from the table. The special food seemend to help her. Gabby, my 6.5 y.o. schnauzer used to take fish oil for her skin. We'd squirt it on her food and she really liked the taste. Maybe that would help Kenzi want to eat her new food!