Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!

It is officially the first day of spring! It also happens to be my 27th birthday. I have been so busy lately traveling for work, that it kinda snuck up on me! I love this time of year and want to share the 27 things that I am thankful for this birthday!

I am Thankful....
1) for everything God has blessed me with since my 26th birthday!
2) for My gorgeous husband who has been giving me medicine, because I don't feel well today
3) that I get to work with my sister, who decorates my office on my birthday
4) that I underestimate my husband's shopping sense. ( I received a fabulous new coach purse!!)
5) for my favorite dog, Kenzi, whom I received on my 24th birthday
6) for my friends that make sure it is a great day for me
7) for every family member that has already called to say happy birthday or to sing this morning
8) for my parents, who always made sure that birthday's are a big deal
9) for birthday lunch! (mmmm....Sweet Temptations Cafe!)
10) for a new birthday outfit
11) for my coworkers who brought waffles, donuts and goodies for breakfast
12) for my strawberry cake that Steven ordered for me (my favorite)
13) for Birthday dinner tonight with friends!
14) for the 19 friends who are taking time out of their busy week to meet me for dinner!
15) for sharing my Birthday with the first day of Spring! I love Spring!
16) for my college roommate and best friend coming to stay this weekend to celebrate!
17) for my boss who is giving me friday off so I can finally have a long weekend
18) for my mother in law who wants to make sure I have everything I could want
19) for all the emailed discounts I receive from stores because it is my birthday month! Thanks, baskin robbins, Mona's skin care, the nail place.....
20) for my hair lady who gave me a fabulous cut for my birthday
21) that all my events are over for this season and my work load is light!!!
22) that I always remember my granny on my birthday because she used to always send a card with money in it. I really miss her
23) that Gap has pants that come in ankle length. I will pay $60 everytime because they actually fit!
24) that my boss is lenient on birthday lunches, and we can take a longer lunch!
25) that they are only forcasting isolated showers
26) that I am starting to feel better
27) That I get to live another day in my pretty great life!

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