Monday, January 08, 2007


Hi family!
Well we got to our beautiful hotel around 5pm and went to dinner at Hula Grill

Then we headed back to the hotel to watch Desperate Housewives and go to bed. We definately woke up at 6:00am (the time change really screwed me up!)
Then we met with the hotel today. So far so good. We are expecting 350 people to arrive tomorrow. Here's to no hitches!

Here are some pics from our first day. More to Come! Mahalo!!
My luggage was 3 pds under weight at DFW, then when we got to Hawaii it had this tag on it, everyone made fun of me.
I got my first real lei upon our arrival at the hotel. It smells really good!View from our kidding!
View from the event director's balcony. Beautiful!
Love you guys!

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