Saturday, January 06, 2007

New year, new me!

2007 has proved to start out as busy as 2006. After High School Nationals (what a beating) and preparing for the Hula bowl, I am wiped out. Our company puts on the half time show for the Hula Bowl and this year they are sending me! Yep, I am going to Hawaii! I leave tomorrow and can't wait! I will be gone 9 days! It is not all fun though. We have 350 parents and cheerleader/dancers coming with us. It's alot to keep up with. I have never been to Hawaii and am not sure what to expect. I will take lots of pictures!

Also, I decided on a whim to cut my hair. I took off 7 inches and I am glad that I did!

Hope your 2007 is as fun as mine has been so far!!

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