Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mahalo for lookin!

Well, I had a camera issue earlier in the week, but now I am up and running. It has been such a great and tiring week so far and we still have sooo much to do! Yesterday was our free day that I spent by the pool and at the mall! Then last night we went to a fabulous luau! It was exactly what I wanted it to be! Complete with hula dancers, great food, and fire dancers. pictures to come. Then towards the end of the show we were informed that there was a large earthquake in Japan and we were now under a tsunami warning! My stomach dropped into my toes and I was truly scared. We have 350 people with us and none of them knew! We waited for more information and learned the evacuation plan. I was afraid to call my family because it was 1am at home, but decided that I should. Mom kept me up to date on what CNN was saying. Luckily at about 9:30pm they cancelled the warning and the only sign I have seen of it is some steller waves.

So I am glad that is over and today is a beautiful day in Hawaii! We are having our dress rehearsal with the half time entertainment (Bryan White) and the girls in uniform. It is pretty amazing to see how far this large of a group has come to make a really entertaining half time. Pictures will be up shortly!

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