Monday, December 07, 2009

Disney's Christmas Extravaganza

At our (NCA/NDA) summer camps every year we reward our top teams and All-American cheerleaders with the choice of one of our Special Events. These are the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Thanksgiving in Paradise (Hawaii), and Disney's Christmas Extravaganza, Orange Bowl Half time, etc. I was lucky enough to attend out Disney event this year and really enjoyed it. We spent 5 days at the happiest place on earth. Our performance will be part of the Disney parks Christmas Day Parade on Christmas Morning.

Tiana, the newest princess, from The Princess and the Frog

Our group at the Christmas Light show...very cool!

Our participants were lucky enough to perform with the Jonas Brothers during the parade in addition to their performance. We even had a small meet and greet with 15 of the biggest Jonas Brothers fans. It was a lot of fun to see them get so excited. I on the other hand was still trying to figure out which brother was who.

Showing our Jonas Brothers crendentials. We had them for the meet and greet.

My favorite girl, Nichole, and the middle Jonas

My favorite part of the trip as riding Tower of Terror as much as possible (also my favorite ride when I interned with Disney 6 years ago) and performing the flash mob with the Jo Bros. The concept was that the Jonas Brothers would be performing in the parade, then the crowd would break out into a choreographed dance. We taped for 4 hours and saw the Jo Bros perform 9 times. At one point the camera man put a step ladder directly in front of me and filmed me doing the choreography twice. Soooooooo there is a chance I will get some air time! Check it out on Christmas morning on ABC. It is hosted by Regis and Kelly. Let me know if you see it! The girls (all 322 of them) did a fabulous job putting together a great performance in only 2 practices. I am excited to see it on Christmas day. Here are some pics...

Tasha and I during rehearsal for the flash mob.

During taping of the flash mob. I was really close!

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