Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Year (By Grandaddy)

It has been a very exciting year since the last blog. I have really grown a lot and I am learning new things every day. Just after I wrote last year, I got to go to Daddy’s work. They were having a Caravan there. I got my picture taken with the mascots. Mommy and I stood in line to have some Texas Rangers sign my bat. They were laughing at how small my Louisville Slugger was. I keep the bat in my room. Daddy showed us all around the ballpark where he works. It looks like a fun job.

My job is to go to Miss Gladys’s house. She takes care of me and teaches me things. She loves me even when I’m cranky, I love her too. Mommy and Daddy took me to have 6 month pictures taken. I got new clothes and new toys to have my picture taken with. It was fun and everyone tells me how much they like them. I make those pictures look good. Every once in a while Mommy and Daddy takes me to the Doctor’s office. It started out OK, but then he started giving me shots. He seems nice and then he just sneaks up on me and then WOW, THAT HURT. They keep bringing me to see him. He seems nice and then he does it again. What is up with that? I’ve been getting new teeth along the way. It really hurts. It makes me cranky and feel bad, but they help me eat. I like to eat. My teething frustrates Mommy and Daddy, but hey, I’m frustrated too. My Mommy had a birthday and she had a great time. All the girls went to lunch and had a tea party. LaLa made a cake and everyone said it was very good. When do I get cake? Mommy was very happy. I love when Mommy is happy.

We went to church with MeMe and Pops. My Mommy and Daddy dedicated me. My Daddy stood up in front of a lot of people and made a promise to God that they would raise me in the Lord. It sounded pretty important. My Uncle Brian dedicated my cousin Trinity also. Everyone was there, Aunt Cheri, cousins Caleb and Luke, MeMe and Pops, and aunty Chelle. LaLa and Granddaddy even had to drive thru and ice storm, but they made it. It is always so much fun to have all my family together and to feel all the extra love. I love everyone. I like Easter, there were new clothes and rabbits and ducks and fun. There was also a story about Jesus. He loves me so much, he was sacrificed for me. It sounds like that dedication stuff. I don’t completely understand, but someday I will. I just know that I love Jesus too.

We got to go back to Daddy’s ballpark, and this time there was a game going on. There was so much excitement and people were everywhere. Daddy took us to the club area. Everyone had a good lunch and I had a bottle. He showed us all around. Everyone was happy and LaLa bought me my first Roughrider’s hat. What a great day.
Everyone seemed to worry because I wasn’t crawling. They were saying that I might even learn to walk first. I was just taking my time. Once I was ready, I just took off. Then Mommy and Daddy had to “childproof” the house, whatever that means. I love to watch TV shows and movies. I like to watch football on TV too. I learn a lot from TV, especially from those Einstein guys and penguins. I love to watch penguins. Those penguins are smart and funny. I’m going to be smart and funny.

During the summer, it was LaLa’s birthday. I don’t know how much 50 is, but LaLa can’t be much older than Aunty Chelle. We went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. They ran out of room in the kitchen, because the cook guy had to do the cooking at our table. LaLa was happy and everyone gave her gifts. Mommy and Aunt Michelle gave her a cake and I found out that LaLa loves her some cake. We had a very good time. The next day we were going to have our family pictures taken. I was going to get to share my photographer with the whole family. When we walked into the door at the place, everyone yelled SURPRISE. It sure surprised me and it made LaLa cry. Everyone was there and I mean everyone. There were people that I was meeting for the first time. There was candy and everything was decorated so nice. There was even a bigger cake. LaLa had a great time. It was like some kind of fairytale. I guess that was the theme or something. Good thing Uncle John was there because I think my photographer got lost. Later I got to go to the pool and swim with LaLa. I thought LaLa had the best birthday ever.

I’ve been learning to walk. I get better every day. When you can walk good, then you can learn to kick a ball and dance. I’m going to keep practicing my walking everyday because I want to learn to play soccer and to dance. I can dance in a shopping cart and in my seat at the restaurant, but I want to dance on my feet like Mommy and Daddy.

My birthday was the best. LaLa worked hard on a table that looked like my baby Einstein caterpillar. She painted a wall for people to put their faces thru and take a picture. Mommy and Daddy and everyone decorated the room like bugs with grass and flower balloons. It just goes on and on. Who thinks of this stuff? I finally got to eat cake. It was sooo good. My friend David was there and he brought his parents. There were aunts and uncles and cousins and Me Me and Pops, and LaLa and Granddaddy and more friends with their Mommy’s and Daddy’s. There were presents and everything. What a day!!! I just want to give everyone big hugs and kisses. I think my birthday was even better than Mommy’s and LaLa’s.

I got to go camping. MeMe and Pops were there with lots of aunts and Uncles and Cousins. There were new ones that I had not met before. I got to play with Caleb and Luke and Trinity. It was fun to spend time with family. I love family. My photographer finally showed up. 1 year pictures they said. I got new clothes and this time I was able to show off my walking. Mommy said I was cranky and that none of the pictures would turn out good. I will let you decide. Have I ever taken a picture that didn’t turn out good? I think Mommy just needed a nap.

I’ve been trying to work on self improvement areas. Like walking better and eating better and sleeping thru the night. I’ve been trying hard and making good progress. I just want to know what happen to my bottle. I used to get 6 or 7 a day and then it went to 4. Now I am down to 1 and Mommy and Daddy are trying to take that away. Am I to try and only drink from a sippy cup? I know Mommy and Daddy only want what is best for me, but I’m a little concerned over the pace that some of these changes are taking place. I try to talk to them about it but they don’t understand. I will clearly state my case and the will look at me and say “HUH”? I will repeat myself exactly and they will say “What”? I’m going to be patient with them while they try and improve their communication skills. Next thing you know they are going to try and get me to go number 1 and 2 in that potty in the bathroom.I got to go to a parade. It was Baylor’s Homecoming. There were bands and floats and pretty girls in cars waving at me. Everyone was throwing candy and I got to show off some of my dancing moves. Mommy, Daddy, LaLa, Granddaddy, Aunt Sandy, and Cousins Amy, Kaylie, Brandon, and Sadie were there. Granny and Pops showed up later. Where was Aunty Chelle? We go to visit the bear on campus and then my parents brought me to my first live football game. I liked the music and the crowd was cheering. What a great day.

Halloween was fun. Mommy and Daddy dressed up silly to go to a party. I dressed up like a lion. We went to the fall festival at our church. My friend David was there and everyone had fun. My favorite things were riding in the little train and standing in line to show off my soccer skills. Since I started walking, mommy and Daddy put up my activity center seat. After I play for a while, I like to sit down. There was nowhere to sit. I finally got the idea to sit in Kenzi’s bed. It worked OK, but Kenzi didn’t like it. One day my Daddy brought home a chair just for me. It works great; I just hope Kenzi stays out of it. I’m starting to notice that there are always visitors at my house. I never know who I’m going to see next. What fun and I get to play with them all. There is LaLa and Granddaddy and Aunty Chelle. I’ve seen MeMe and Pops. Cousin Amy and Jason with Kaylie, Brandon. and Sadie come by too. Aunt Sandy and Uncle John are there sometimes. Boy we have a good time and there are people sleeping everywhere. Fun, fun, fun. Pictures again. This time it was Mommy, Daddy, LaLa, Granddaddy, and Aunty Chelle. We went to downtown McKinney and took pictures in different places. I loved them all. Everyone looked great. Then we went and had dinner at a fancy restaurant and celebrated Granddaddy’s and Aunt Michelle’s and Daddy’s birthdays. They got presents and everything. Aunty Chelle was really happy with her Coffee maker, yippee.

What a great holiday Thanksgiving is. We loaded up and went to MeMe’s house. Everyone was there and there was so much food. Mommy and Daddy let me try some new things. I didn’t feel very will but I had a good time playing with my cousins. Everyone said what they were thankful for and I was mentioned a couple of times. Everyone was thankful for family and friends and Jesus of course. We went back home and everybody else showed up. There was more food and playing with cousins. The girls had a Deck the Dolls day. They went to eat and see the Nutcracker. They were all excited. There was shopping and football and food and movies and lights. I was thankful for everyone and the good time we had, and for Jesus of course.

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy are busy and Aunty Chelle has to come pick me up from Miss Gladys’s house. I am sooo excited to see her. Sometimes I run around or I yell and raise up my hands or I just show how I can bark like a dog. I’m just glad that she is nice enough to help Mommy and Daddy. I love me some Aunty Chelle.

Christmas is coming. Mommy and Daddy take me around to see lights. I get to listen to Christmas music and dance around. Mommy took me to see Santa and he wanted to have his picture taken with me. Everyone is getting so excited that it makes me excited too. I can’t wait until family show up again. LaLa, Granddaddy and Aunty Chelle are coming to my house. There will be presents everywhere. Then I get to go to MeMe’s and Pops. Uncle Brian and Aunt Cherri with Cousins Caleb, Luke and of course Trinity will be there. We will all celebrate together. A few nights ago Mommy was watching the Rockettes’ Christmas Show on TV. There were so many pretty girls. Daddy was watching the pretty girls too, but he was trying to not let Mommy notice. I was having a good time. At the end they showed baby Jesus in a manger. An angel appeared to some shepherds. The angel said “Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord”. He said a savior has been born. Baby Jesus grows up to be the Easter Jesus that sacrifices himself for us. I don’t know how all that happens yet but Daddy promised to teach me and I know everyone else will help too. How special do you have to be that everyone celebrates your birthday? I want to learn all about that and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

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That was absolutley beautiful! Cohen, you are a lucky fella, what a great year you had! Lots of love to you from GAL, Uncle Mike, Kami & Kyle