Sunday, November 01, 2009


We have had so much fun this weekend with Halloween. Steven and I attended the 6th Annual Brew Ha Ha at our friends, The Acheson's, new house. It was a lot of fun (always is) and there were some great costumes this year. I decided to be Ugly Betty (which odly looked like my 7th grade school picture); while Steven settled on Billy Mays of Oxyclean fame.
We really had a lot of fun with it! Then it was on to the Fall Festival. Our church puts on THE best Fall Festival around and we were so excited to go again this year. We met our good friends, The Pyle's for dinner then headed over for some fun.

We worked with Cohen on his Roar all day, but he would just look at us like we are crazy. We figure he will probably start roaring next week when it won't matter anymore. Isn't he the cutest lion you've ever seen?
The boys are so cute together! I can't help but wonder if these pictures will one day be in their senior picture page in the yearbook.

(my favorite part is how Cohen crossed his ankles)
Once in the church, we started through all of the classrooms where they have a different activity in each one. The Soccer Kick room was Cohen's favorite. He clapped for everyone while waiting his turn. He was by far the youngest in the room, but had two great kicks when it was his turn.

And that was our Halloween weekend. I hope yours was as fun!

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Jill said...

That's hilarious! I love the costumes! What a cutie pie lion!