Friday, September 04, 2009

So you think you can glee the amazing ugly mentalist...Mercy!

I love television...I mean LOVE it! And I can not wait for all the new seasons to start. Even if you aren't tv junkies like we are at the Nelson house, I bet you are still looking foward to something on tv this fall. SO....drum roll please...DDDDDDDDD - Here is a listing of some good ones.

On your mark...Get set......Start your TIVO! (Please note these are central standard times)

Melrose Place Tuesday, September 8 CW 8PM
SYTYCD Wednesday, September 9 FOX 7PM
Glee Wednesday, September 9 FOX 8PM
The Biggest Loser Tuesday, September 15 NBC 7PM
Fringe Thursday, September 17 FOX 8PM
The Office Thursday, September 17 NBC 8PM
Mercy Wednesday, September 23 NBC 7PM
Greys Anatomy Thursday, September 24 ABC 8PM
The Mentalist Thursday, September 24 CBS 9PM
Extreme HMO Sunday, September 27 ABC 6PM
The Amazing Race Sunday, September 27 CBS 7PM
Desperate HW Sunday, September 27 ABC 8PM
Private Practice Thursday, October 1 ABC 9PM
Ugly Betty Friday, October 9 ABC 7PM
30 Rock Thursday, October 15 NBC 8:30PM

If you are looking for any others...Here is a great list. Happy Watching!

Disclaimer: We do not watch all of these shows, but thought this would be a good collective list.


Lacy said...

Thanks Tiffany! I am a TV junkie as well, and I am looking forward to many of the same shows as you. Happy Watching!

Vanessa said...

Tiffany! OMG! Where do you find the time to watch all of those shows? I love my DVR, but man holy cow. You must stay up late in the evenings to catch up. I think I only watch two or three things on your list. Where is Dexter and True Blood?

Tiffany said...

Wow guys! I Definitely do not watch all of these shows..haha. I was trying to get a good list of things I thought most people watch. Some are Steven's favorites, some are my favorites, some are new this season.

Vanessa, I have never heard of Dexter, is it good? And for some reason I can't get into the whole vampire thing. We do love our Tivo though. Sundays are a big catch up day for TV.