Sunday, August 30, 2009

How bout dem Cowboys!?

My dad and I went to the Dallas Cowboys new stadium for the first time last night and all I can say is...Holy Moley! That place was A-mazing! It almost looks like we are standing in front of a green screen in this picture!

We were able to park just a few blocks away from the stadium for a measley $20. I use the word measley because as you can see on this sign on a lot about a block away, we could have paid a lot more!

We laughed because the surrounding neighbors were absolutely taking advantage of their prime property. This family even decided to have a yard sale while droves of people walked by to get to the stadium. I Wonder if they sold anything?

We had endzone seats and thought it was a good spot. We also thought that our video board was Ginormous....that is until we noticed the one facing each side of the field. There are no words for the Ginormity of that screen. You may have heard that it runs from 20 yard line to 20 yard line, but to see it in person is so different. A video board that big makes it so that you could have tickets on the 4th deck and still feel like you are in on the action.

picture from our seats

Video Board....ours is the one facing towards the left.

My favorite part of the stadium was the pro shop. I can literally shop anywhere. I was excited to find that Victorias Secret PINK brand has a line of pro team stuff, so I scored a really really soft VS PINK shirt to wear to watching parties later this season and a soft cowboys football for The Buddy.

SO, I would definitely recommend that you find a time to visit this stadium. It is truly an experience. Plus there are ample opportunities over the next season. Everything from $29 party pass tickets which are standing room only: as you can see here. To tickets that starts at $59.

They are offering these at each cowboys game and even some of the collegiate games happening at the stadium. Or choose any concert or event they have booked there. They even have tours every day starting at 9am where you will see the stadium, go on the field AND even go in the locker room. I recommend that you find a time to make it out there. The traffic was not bad AT ALL either, so what is your excuse...Go check it out!

I really enjoyed going with my dad and look forward to going back with Steven and Cohen sometime soon!!

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