Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just braggin

If you have followed this blog long or know my family, then you know that I have 3 of the cutest little cousins who all have multiple modeling contracts (agents in OK and TX). If you don't know them, then that statement at least tells you that these kids are cute. They are also so funny, giving, and love The Buddy to pieces. Plus, I love to brag about them!

Because of the said modeling contracts, they are in Dallas often for photo shoots. It is always fun to hear about them, but to see them makes all the difference! Here are a few recent ones.

This one is THIS weeks JCpenney ad that came out today.

This guy has some great commercials running in Oklahoma City and has plans to be the next True Religion kids model for Neimans!

This is the oldest and most experienced of the 3. She is THE burberry girl for Neiman Marcus kids. This dress sold out in 2 days after hitting stores!

Just wanted to brag!! NOW....should I send in Cohen's pics...I can't decide. I FULLY understand that I will always think he is cuter than anyone else thinks he is, AND he does not resemeble his contracted cousins, but I still wonder if he would get work. What are your thoughts??


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet for braggin' on my peeps!! I KEEP telling you to get me a pic of Cohen and I will take it to the agency. Cohen is such a cutie pie and I'm not just saying that because I'm his #1 fan either!...get me some pics girl...he will be doing ad's in no time.

mom to the beautiful kids.

Anonymous said...

yesss you should def. send in pics cuz he is adorable!


Anonymous said...

You should send the pics Mom! He is adorable... I can just see him now in a cute little Aero shirt! hee hee ~ Love ya, Lisa