Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buzz Words

Around here, we are gearing up for Cohen's first birthday. After 4 theme ideas that I passed on, we have finally landed on a bug theme. I am a firm believer that your invitation sets the tone for your party and take it seriously when choosing one. I had a hard time finding a cute bug themed invite that wasn't 1) a ladybug with pink and red or 2)spiders or scary bugs. I finally found a really great site called The Party Starts Here. They allow you to write your own information however you like then send you a proof to ok. Once I gave the thumbs up, we received our invites very quickly!

We have had a string of sickness at my house so badly and it hit me for the second time Sunday night. So when the box came yesterday when I was laid up in bed it was the highlight of my day. I opened the box to find turqoise crinkled confetti, a blow horn, and a hand written note. The note said that they were happy to be a part of Cohen's first birthday and that they thought my wording was so cute they featured it on their blog! How neat is that!!

Go check it out at www.thepartystartshereinvitations.blogspot.com.

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Nicki W. said...

i hesitate to write this as a comment (since my blog has been scrutinized by a few scoundrels as of late), but i don't have your email and i just want to encourage you.

from one short girl to another--it's not fair how we have no place to put the extra weight!

you can do it. you can. i am so glad you got those dvd's back. get up early, stay up late, do it at nap time...find a time. it sucks pretty bad, but not for long. i always think it is the getting out of bed or actually putting the workout clothes on that is the worst. getting back into the groove is awful at first, but you can do it! do it before the next baby comes. do it b/c you are a cute, spunky cheerleader who is a little beam of light! do it for you! you know what, your body may never LOOK the same (less and less with each baby!)but you will FEEL like yourself again. don't worry about the scale, it will get there--or at least close enough. just get up and feel good.

email me thenickster1@yahoo.com if you need any encouragement. hope you document your journey! it will hold you accountable! just, please for the love of pete...don't post a picture of the scale! ;)