Saturday, April 18, 2009


(picture 1 shows me in the far left is clearly red.

Picture 2 shows me through the intersection and it is still red!)

And I deserve it! Plano has those tricky cameras at all of their stoplights and dang it if I didn't get a $75 ticket in the mail a couple of months ago! I failed to come to a complete stop before turning right on red. That's fine...I am bad at completely stopping when I see that nobody is coming.

Now it gets worse....I got ANOTHER ticket in the mail.....oops! This time I was appalled to see the video online. I CLEARLY ran a red light. I am ashamed because I hate red light runners! make driving so unsafe when you do that!

I have always been skeptical of these cameras. Like that they cause more accidents than safety, but because of this ticket I am looking at the way I drive in a whole new light. Last week the buddy was out of town for the week (so he wasnt with me) and I was taking a new way to work (because I couldnt take the HOV lane without him). Well I got lost and apparently also ran a red light.

So this $75 is money well spent and lesson is learned!

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