Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Buddy at 7 months old

Boy time is running by before my eyes! The Buddy is getting so big, so smart, and so cute (if I may say so myself!) Here is an update!

1) He has had his first hair cut! On his 6 month birthday we decided it was time. He did so good in the chair by himself and didn't make a peep.

2) March 10th! That is when Tony Toofer arrived (Cohen's first tooth) and 10 days later his cousin has started to come through. I truly didn't know the first one had popped. He was showing no signs of teething. Thank goodness Lala found it.

(this silly face cracks me up)

3) Cohen is THE best baby I have ever been around. If he is ever upset, he is probably hungry and that is an easy fix. He eats really well (loves squash, carrots and bananas), sleeps really well (currently puts himself down with no crying and sleeps 9 hours!), and loves to "talk". Once he starts putting real words together, we decided he may never stop talking.

4) He LOVES his raspberry, his Sophie, and his rocking horse...Rocky.

5)This week he had his first major fall. Right off the side of our very high bed. I felt AWFUL! He cried for a moment...hard...then smiled so big I could see Tony. I still felt bad all day.
6) He has no desire to crawl. He would rather stand and try to walk. We are working on this. I am hoping he is more interested soon.

(although it looks like he is standing on his own...he isnt. Lala has him by the shirt)

7)He loves to watch basketball; but his bracket has already blown up

(Notice he has his head turned completely to the tv)

And that is The Buddy at 7 months!

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Vanessa said...

Tiff, Cohen is getting more handsome everyday. Maybe he will just skip crawling and go straight to walking. I hope you had a great birthday.