Sunday, February 01, 2009

High on Clive

A couple of weeks ago I got my hair cut at this fancy salon by the Galleria. It was so fancy I was nervous to go in. Well, I am glad I did! My friend Marianna got her hair cut there on her Birthday and I knew I needed to go next!

It seems that short hair is the best hair for me and a couple of years ago I was one of the first to jump on the "posh" cut. About a month ago I realized that every girl I knew or passed in the mall had the same cut. It was now time to move on....I mean Posh doesn't even have the cut anymore! Marianna was nice enough to give me the info for her lady at Clive and Co.

This top of the line salon has been voted the top salon in Dallas, 5 years running! One wall in Clive and Co. is covered in magazine covers that they were featured in! Marianna and I had Robin who is fabulous at short cuts. Robin explained to me that even though she had been doing hair for several years before coming to Clive and Co. she was required to go through an apprenticeship before being a head stylist. Wow. I also loved that they do not use flat irons or round brushes. They don't do anything that would damage your hair. I got a head massage during my shampoo, a great cut, and perfect style for $50. I was pleased!

Plus! They have a couple of people still finishing their apprenticeships in the color department. If you choose them, you can get your hair colored for $25 - $30! Not bad, huh.

The even better part is that Marianna's next cut will be FREE! Since she referred me and I got my hair cut before her next appointment, her next cut is FREE. You can't beat FREE! So If any of you are interested in leaving a salon feeling like a celebrity, then you need to see Robin. AND... if you go in February, MY next cut is FREE! So treat yourself this Valentines....I promise it is worth it.

If your interested in Robin's contact info, just message me and I will hook you up.

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that's really cute!