Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our new family

This post is WAY overdue! This week marks the 3 month anniversary for Steven and his new job! Although at the time it was a difficult decision on whether to move on from FC DALLAS, God is great, and has shown us time and time again that this was indeed a blessing from him.

Steven is now the Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Frisco Roughriders. Who are the AA affiliates for the Texas Rangers. He is really enjoying the atmosphere there and the people he works with.

Even in the difficult economy, he is finding a way to be succesful. We are very proud!

Congrats Steven!


My favorite part of the ballpark.
There is actually a pool in the outfield! Anyone can rent the pool area for parties during the game. What a seat that would be! It includes food and drinks for 25 people. How fun!
Season opener is April 16th! If you want to join us on opening day, just let us know.

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