Sunday, January 18, 2009


I consider myself lucky to be a part of a small group of people that get to attend market twice a year. My mom has an antique mall in Oklahoma as well as a gift shop in Canton; therefore we attend market to decide what lines to carry in the store. It is always a fun time with mom and Michelle, my sister, and we always come away excited about what we have found.

This market is no exception. I am excited about the two newest lines that we will be carrying and I think you all might be too!

The first is a line of purse hooks from Je' Marie. Now many of you have seen and probably own a purse hook. They are sooooooo useful. The days of your purse on dirty restaurant floors or the back of your chair for everone to see, are gone. Purse hooks make really great gifts, especially for that friend that has everything.

The thing about the FUMI line of pursehooks from Je Marie, is that these are actually 3 gifts in one!

First, it is a bracelet....yep a bracelet. No longer do you have to dig around the bottom of your purse for the purse hook, because it is on your wrist. AND...they are cute!
Second, it is purse jewelry...if you decide not to wear it as a bracelet that day, it is dang cute on your purse strap. Still no digging!
Third, it is a great purse hook! The best part is each PurseHook is made out of recycled metal and is fully backed with 100% recycled rubber, which helps secure every hook to any surface!
Here are a couple of reviews on the Je'Marie website concerning the line:
From the Swanky Mom Blog:
Great Girlfriend Gift Alert: FUMI. It's very seldom that I post a review THE DAY I get the item. But I'm telling you this little puppy is a must have for anyone that carries a handbag. The perfect girlfriend gift this holiday season? The FUMI. I know you're probably thinking, "The What?" FUMI, it stands for Fashionable Unique Multi-purpose Innovation. Simple and elegant looking, this thing is a beast! Strong as an ox, I tell ya. The FUMI is a purse holder (but also doubles, I mean triples, as a bracelet or purse accessory). I tested the FUMI out today on a Tory Burch tote FILLED with all of my mommy goodies: wipes case, wallet, make up bag, check book, camera, the works. My bag is heavy and the FUMI kept it all in check, balancing perfectly on the edge of the table keeping my bag up off the floor with ease. The FUMI now has a permanent spot in my bag. I can't wait to take it out to dinner (yes, it deserves its own date).Whether you carry a tiny handbag or a mega mommy bag, the FUMI is a must have........There are seven different styles .... I also think this would be a great teacher gift and if you've got teens, tell Santa it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.
A FUMI purse hook user:
"I want to thank you again for my purse hook. I use it all the time!I'm on a business trip in South America this week and I used my purse hook last night in Argentina and today in Uruguay. Everyone at the table loved it! My purse hook made me the most popular person in Uruguay!."
So, personally I think if you need a bridesmaid gift, a nifty gift for a new mom, or just a little something for that friend that has everything, then The Mulberry Bush on the Mountain in Canton is your place!
Tomorrow I will fill you in on the second line that we chose...we had a really good time deciding on that one....see you tomorrow!

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