Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Holidays!

First of all, Thank you! Thank you! to those who sent my cousin Jon a Christmas card. He says that receiving over 120 of them has renewed him. He really appreciated it and so does my family. Thank you for taking the time to make his day.

We have been busy, busy, busy this holiday season and have had a lot of fun. We celebrated Christmas morning with my parents and sister, then headed to Arlington to celebrate with Steven's family. The day after was spent at Six Flags Holiday in the Park, which led straight into High School Nationals...whew!

We really enjoyed getting ready for Christmas Day and had a lot of fun with our families. Then we were able to scrounge up 17 tickets to Six Flags from my Park contact and spent the day with 5 kids that had no idea they were going to Six Flags that day. They were soooo excited. Here are some pics of Christmas and Six Flags:
We were so blessed this year! We must have all been good.

Our new Nativity set
My sister and I at our work Christmas Party

Couldnt pass up this photo op at Six Flags

Six Flags Fun!
Then on to our 29th annual High School National Cheerleading competition. We always hold the competition two days after Christmas, but it was hard to leave this time and be away from Cohen for a couple of days. Steven was sweet enough to bring him up to the Convention Center so I could squeeze in some time with my buddy.

Speaking of the buddy...He is growing and changing every day! Here are some stats on Mr Co-man.
*He LOVES to watch football on tv. He will notice the television when it is on, but if it is football, he is glued.

*He is very close to rolling over from his back to stomach. We are wondering how much longer until he actually gets it.

*He prefers to try to stand rather than sit most of the time. See below! And at 4 1/2 months too!

* He also thinks he can do a better job at holding the bottle during feedings...
* At his appt a week and a half ago the nurse measured him twice because he grew so much, and she thought she must have gotten it wrong.
He weighed 14 pds and measured 25 inches long (38% for weight and 51% for height)
* He currently has light brown hair (practically blonde) and blue eyes. Not exactly what we expected, but too cute.

Christmas morning

Having fun getting mouth fulls of Christmas bows
* He is a nosy little guy. Loves to people watch.
* Looks like he may be starting to teethe. We are not looking foward to the road a head with that; however it is exciting.
* Cohen is a laid back kid. If he is hungry or dirty he will definitely tell you about it, but once you take care of it he is back to his calm, collected self.
* We aren't surprised when he yells like a girl when he isnt happy...that is how he tells us about it. It is very loud and shrilly now...Hope that is a phase.
* He loves his Sophie giraffe. Cousin Amy got it for him at my shower and Cohen loves to chew on it.
* He gets cereal in his last bottle before bed and usually sleeps between 6 and 8 hours.
* He recently found his foot...looks like the socks will start being pulled off soon.
We are enjoying the next several days off of work and are planning to get some rest in that time. We hope that the time remaining in your Holidays are restful and blessed as well.
PS.. Wasn't the post below the sweetest thing? Who knew Grandaddy could write so well! I love a guest blogger and was especially surprised to have had the one below. I will treasure that post.
Happy Holidays!

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Lovely pictures!! I love your Six Flags photos... Looks funny!!