Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Mommy & Daddy

Like most guest bloggers, I’ve had a difficult time
deciding what to write about.

I have been around a lot of days now,
but the first day is still the most vivid and exciting in my memory.

There I was just hanging out in the hot tub.

It was warm.
Everything I needed was delivered to me through the waiter tube.
I think this was one of the newer hot tubs
with bouncy walls that I liked to kick and punch.

As I got older I was able to hear noises and voices.
There were two voices that I heard most.
One was deeper and I heard it at night.
That voice would read me stories and tell me how much he loved me.
The other voice was softer and I heard it all the time.
It made me feel safe to know that she was close and she loved me.

I liked them both a lot.

But I did not like the loud barking that would come through sometimes.
I finally got used to the barking and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

One day there seemed to be a lot of commotion.
It felt like the walls of my hot tub were getting smaller.
All of a sudden...someone pulled the plug
and all the warm water flushed out.

I thought, “that can’t be good”.

And I felt like I was being pulled down the drain.
I could see some light.

But I was stuck.

It seemed like this pushing and pulling was going on for hours.

But I was definitely stuck.

Suddenly, it was cold behind me.
I felt someone grab me any pull me out from being stuck.
I heard her say, "Here is your boy!!"

I was freezing and started to cry.
They cut my waiter tube and carried me to a table.

I didn’t know what was going on as they poked and prodded me.
Nurses were calling out numbers and taking notes.
Finally someone wrapped me in a blanket and put a hat on my head.
I felt warmer.

Then I noticed another guy in the room.
The nurses handed me to him.

They called him Daddy.
He was wearing a mask but I could tell he was smiling.

As he spoke,
I could tell it was the deep voice that told me that he loved me.
I love him too.

Daddy showed me to a lady in a mask.
He called her LaLa.

LaLa was smiling through her mask too and she had tears in her eyes.
She had been busy taking pictures
(I think the cap was off the lens by then).
She held me and squeezed me.
I love her too.

They brought me over to the other end of the bed
from where the doctor had rescued me.

Suddenly, I saw an Angel.

Even though she looked like she had been working really hard,
she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

They called her Mommy.
She talked in the soft voice that I knew so well.
I think she was the guardian angel of the hot tub.
I love my Mommy.

I know that she and Daddy will watch over me always.
I love my Mommy and Daddy.

Next, they took me to the door and I met Granddaddy.

He was the only one besides me that was not wearing a mask.
I didn’t have to see through the mask to see how big he was smiling.
I can tell that he's been waiting a long time for me.
We're going to have lots of fun making memories.

Aunt Michelle and Cousin Amy were right outside the door waiting for me.

They were jumping up and down and acting all excited.
Apparently, I am some kind of big deal.
I love Aunt Michelle and Cousin Amy.

Later they took me to another room. I got to meet more people.

I met MiMi and she held me in such a way
that I could tell that she had a lot of MiMi experience.
I love MiMi and I want her to hold me always.

I met Pop. I could tell that he is a kind and wise man.
I look forward to learning a lot from my Pop just like my Daddy did.
I love Pop.

I met my Aunt Sandy and I could see her sweet spirit.
I love my Aunt Sandy.

I met my Aunt Cheri, she is so beautiful and squeezed me so tight.
I love Aunt Cheri.

I met Uncle Brian and he felt so strong.
I bet I can learn how to play soccer from him and Daddy.
I love Uncle Brian.

Then I met lots and lots of cousins.
They were all excited and I can’t wait until I can run around with them.
I love cousins.

Well there is my first blog.
I hope I don’t have to do this again for a while.

But I hear that another exciting day is coming up called Christmas.
Maybe that will be something to write about.
And this blog can be my first Christmas Present to my Mommy and Daddy.

For now I am just thankful that God gave me
to this family that I love.
And I really am thankful that he gave me to this Mommy and Daddy.
I love Mommy and Daddy.
As told by Cohen
(with the help of Granddaddy)


Anonymous said...

I can not read that without tearing up! OH MY Goodness!! What a great post and keepsake. I am so lucky to be in Cohen's life. He has brought such joy into ours. See you tomorrow! Merry Christmas!!


Cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

i love it!!
how sweet!!

Love, Cousin Ashley

Aunt Missy said...

Okay, you could warn someone! It is a little silly to cry at work! That was beautiful, who knew grandaddy had so much to say! Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Granddaddy is pretty awesome. Cohen is the luckiest little guy to have such a wonderful family,
Love, Aunt Lisa