Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today I am 25 weeks pregnant. For some reason this has been the first week that I am, how did we get here already!? Up to this point I have just been trucking issues. All the sudden now I feel like we are really running out of time. My to do list is definitely growing faster than I am checking things off of it. Thank goodness this weekend is our Babymoon trip to San Antonio. I am hoping to come back nice and refreshed. Ready to attack this list.

Did anyone else get to a point where you felt like you would run out of time before everything was ready for your little one?


Brooke said...

Yes, everybody gets that feeling - but it gets better - and you have plenty of time, so don't worry. It's just part of it. I think you are about to enter the stage where you realize that giant thing growing inside you has to COME OUT - that's the "point of no return" stage as I like to call it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Have fun in San Antonio! :)

Mom said...

Yikes!! 25 WEEKS!! Seriously?!? Why is it that now, suddenly, I'M starting to feel your pressure? Sigh. Love You!!