Sunday, May 11, 2008

I will never forget Itasca

Here's the picture...
It was Thursday night, and we were cruising down I-35 in the new prius on our way to Waco. We planned to stay over in order to get a head start on our weekend to San Antonio. I am reading the manual to the new bluetooth; while Steven is driving.

We were behind a flat bed semi, making our way in a section of I-35 that has the right lane only open. Once we passed the construction area, we moved into the left lane and passed the semi. We are now the only car we can see for a while. Steven sets the cruise control at 65 and we are on our way. Just then, all the sudden there are police lights right behind us!

"I...think we are being pulled over, but I dont know why" said Steven. As Mr police guy is walking up to the car we are trying to figure out what we did wrong, thanking goodness that the new insurance card came the day before, and trying to figure out how to talk to the cop without rolling down our freshly tinted windows.

He has Steven step out of the car...

"Sir, I have you on tape driving in the left lane for 2 miles without passing a car. This is why I pulled you over" Says mr police man.

(Steven's face is priceless. He cant believe that was the reason for our being pulled over)

He gets our insurance and drivers license and heads back to his car. I am thinking, surely we are not going to get a ticket for this...SURELY.

Just then he has Steven sign the TICKET and we are left to get back on the road. Dumbfounded that we just received a ticket for THAT at 10:30 at night in dinky Itasca. I assure Steven that it can't be that expensive of an offense and we try to forget about it.

First thing the next morning we call to find out the fine amount......$136!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sucky way to begin a vacation!

So, Here is the question. Would you fight the ticket? Steven recalls the police car having no lights on while following us, then all the sudden his headlights and police lights came out of nowhere.
Also, we didn't pass anyone while driving in the left lane, because there wasn't anyone else on the road.


Mr meany itasca police guy claims to have us on tape for 2 miles while there were signs posted that say. "Left Lane for Passing Only."

Should we write a letter, or accept out fate?


Mike said...

Fight it, Fight it, Fight it, don't let that little "can't get a real job cop" meet his quota, he was just looking for a reason to pull you over and by him turning off his light he was just trying to find s reason to meet his quota he is probably a volunteer deputy anyway

Caleb said...

I just recently received a ticket for the same thing in Itasca as well. Just wondering what you did and if you tried to write a letter to the judge.