Monday, March 24, 2008

What a Weekend!

I am officially spoiled. I was so blessed with a such a fabulous weekend! It all started on Friday (Good Friday that is) which we had off of work. I woke up to an envelope on my bathroom counter. It was my birthday gift from Steven. I was giddy to open it because no matter how in depth my wish list might have been, he always strays from it and comes up with something awesome. This time was no different! I opened the envelope to find a full color, spiral bound, presentation of my gift titled: BabyMoon 2008!
BabyMoon: Defined as a romantic getaway or quiet time spent together by expectant parents. With an up tick in desire to celebrate the coming of a child or enjoy the brief quiet before the enduring storm that will change your life forever.
I couldn't believe it!! He thought of everything. We will by Babymooning in San Antonio (we have never been together) at this gorgeous Bed and Breakfast located less than a mile from the river walk!! I am soooo excited!
After all that excitement, It was time to meet with mom/dad and Michelle for lunch. We lunched at my favorite spot, Sweet Temptations Cafe. It was delicious. Then....more presents! Michelle gave me some really cute Juicy Couture earrings that I have had my eye one. Too cute! Then Mom and Dad gave us some really great 300 count sheets for our new guest bed. Soooo needed and perfect!
As we are leaving to go do some shopping, I follow them to the car to say goodbye. Just then Dad pulls a huge box out of Michelle's car....what is that!? I wondered.
WAIT...IS THAT....(GASP)....IT IS! It is my dream stroller! I have been drulling over this stroller for months!!!! I know that there are many kinds of strollers out there, but none of them seem like the one for me....except this one. I can't wait to use it!

Uppababy Vista Stroller

Then came Easter! It turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of friends and family. We hosted 14 family and friends for a yummy easter dinner and egg hunt.

Last, and DEFINITELY not least came my "big" ultrasound today. The one to confirm the sex. Luckily Mom, Dad, and Steven were all able to go with me. It was such a neat appointment. They measured the baby's head, spine, heart, and femur. We were able to see the heart...and, the most important part, HE didn't seem to be shy at all. Ultrasound tech declared 100% Boy! I am all about Team Blue now and can't wait to meet my little man.

Here is a picture of the things that have been given and things we have gotten when we found out 95% boy:

Within an hour of finding out that he is 100% boy, this is what we had collected:

Now Cohen will be ready for every possible sports game we would attend. We are only missing Dallas Cowboys, FC Dallas, and Baylor Bears.

PS to Marianna....Here is the belly on my 28th birthday!

PSS I want to Thank everyone involved for making my birthday/Easter weekend so memorable. I felt so loved. I appreciate every one of you!!


Adriane Davenport said...

Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! I can't believe everything you've already gotten for that sweet baby boy! See you soon! Can't wait to see that bump in person!

Mom said...

Can you highlight, bold, CAPITALIZE, and italicize the first sentence of your blog? It's historic! Can you BELIEVE your Dad spoils you like he does?(grin) Love You Baby!! xoxo Mom