Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Yall are Crazy"

This post is actually a week over due, but I feel I should still share. We are the proud owners of a new 46inch Sony LCD 1080p! Steven couldn't be happier. So...what's the story you wonder, well here it is.

On Thanksgiving evening around 7pm my sister in law, Cheri, and I went out to run some errands. Meanwhile, Steven is stewing with the idea of the TV he wants being on sale for Black Friday (Circuit City) and how he can get one. Cheri and I decide to drive by the Circuit City to see if any crazy people have lined up outside in honor of Black Friday. Low and Behold....there are 10 people in line! 7PM and there are 10 PEOPLE in Line. I call to tell Steven the news, and now he has decided that we are going to miss out if we dont get in line too.

What!? NOW!? was my first reaction. I got home...we layered, and layered on our clothes, stopped by the convenient store for some red bull and we were off! Some of you may have received a text message at this point. I just couldn't believe we were actually going to do this!

By 7:30pm we are literally sitting outside (it is 30 degrees) up against a store front at The Parks Mall in Arlington. We are 12th in line. A few minutes go by, and there are 3 people behind us. One lady has every ad you can think of with her and she is on the phone with her friends that are all staking out at other stores. We settle in for the long haul. Suddenly, Barney Fife (mall security) shows up and says that we aren't allowed to stay on mall property over night. The best they could offer was to stay across the street. THEN when the store opened (5am) it would be a free-for-all run at the doors! No Thank you!

So we pack up our things and head to the car. I can tell Steven isn't happy. "Well, honey what should we do now? Head home?" I said. "Nope, we are going to another Circuit City!" he said. Oh Boy. So now I am totally for the cause and am afraid we will be at the back of the next Circuit City line. (keep in mind it is still only 8:30pm). We end up driving to Fort Worth (15minutes) to another store just in time to find two tents set up, and about 5 people in line after them. We are 15th in line!

We snuggled into a circle of people who are now our friends, chit chatted, and made it 9 hours until store opening. By the time 3 am came there were hundreds of people in line! It was the weirdest experience I have had in a while. It was nerve racking, exhausting, annoying, and pleasing once we had the tv in the car.

The cashier actually said, "Congratulations, you just bought the first tv of the day!" Steven looked so proud! Meanwhile our family and friends started text messaging to see if we made it through the night. Most of them started with..."Yall are Crazy."

I hope your holiday was as fun!!

Us in line with our new Friend, Frank!

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