Sunday, November 25, 2007

Famous Family

My little cousin has done a lot of modeling, commercials and movies locally, and her newest commercial aired on Thanksgiving day! I was pleased to see a hospital put out an ad like this. Her family is glad she was a part of it. She is the little one that is praying at the side of the bed. She is going to be famous one day...I can feel it! What do you think of her performance?? The greatest part is that she is truly praying to herself.

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Amy~ said...

Ahh, thanks Tiff for your kind words! I too know she will do "big" things in this world...she is just an amazing little girl...she has such care, concern and sweetness about her. The first glance of her in this she is thanking God for food, I can read her lips...still trying to figure out what she is saying at the second glance. Brandon's been asking to go to your house...well actually Uncle Steves...not sure why they think he's their uncle. Anyway...we'll have to plan something soon.