Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween Costume Woes

Ok. It is that time of year, where I decide I have to have THE best costume. I dont know if it is because I grew up with THE most creative mother and always had THE best costume and now I have to go it alone or if I have some kind of problem.

I have won the costume contest at work the last two years in a row. Now we are invited to a huge halloween party this weekend and people are expecting greatness. Do I still have greatness in me??

The funniest part about all of this is that somehow I end up in a box every year. Here is Two years ago: Cheer Barbie still in the box

And Last year I went in with my sister and friend Stefani: We hid in the box while everyone was arriving, then "the cat in the hat" read a poem and we popped out. No one knew we were in there, so they thought it was pretty funny.

Now Steven and I are invited to the biggest Halloween party this weekend and have only bought two boxes. (apparently give me a box and I can make a costume out of it. Haha)

So here is where you come in! What can we do with two boxes?
Human Rubiks cube....Dice.....HELP!

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