Monday, July 23, 2007

I am so passionate about this

I truly did not create this blog to further my business with Signature HomeStyles; however I did create it to put out into the world whatever is on my heart and mind. Not surprising though is how often I seem to post about it.

As you probably know, my mom has a store in Canton called The Mulberry Bush and her best friend, Linda, has a store next door. Linda has been involved with Signature HomeStyles for 10 years and is the ONLY leader in Texas! My point is that I have known Linda for over 2 years, and never thought of doing the business myself until a random trip to Canton. I just think it is amazing how things can be in front of you the whole time, but it isn't until God chooses to reveal them that we take notice. That is how I feel about my Signature experience so far. Steven and I are thinking of starting a family soon and with that idea I would love to stay home with my children. The idea seemed impossible....until now. Signature Homestyles brings me so much joy and so much more income than I imagined!

**I love working on invitations for my hostesses
**I love the parties and the fellowship.
**I love seeing close friends decide to try the business themselves.
**I love that it is a Christian based company.
**I love that it is 36 years old and the products are so "today".
**I love seeing the hostesses face when I tell her she has $100 in FREE items to choose and several 1/2 price items! (it is priceless)
**I love that the hostess program is totally paid for by the company
**I love that it is a debt free company that will hopefully be around for another 36 years!
**I love how all the other reps are so helpful on our message board. Sharing success is so helpful
**I love that it only costs $25 to start your own business, yet you receive $530 worth of products when you do!
**I love that it only costs me $10 a month to have a very functional website
**I love that it is all mine! I can work when I want, and when I don't want to.
**I love that the training you receive as a rep is fabulous! It is near impossible to not succeed with Signature HomeStyles!

I could truly go on forever. I thank God for blessing me with something I enjoy soooo much. In a way it is becoming my ministry and a really fun way to fellowship with other women. I want to stand on the highest mountain and scream how wonderful this business is to anyone who will listen. If you have a single questions concerning Signature HomeStyles, I hope you will ask. (clearly I would love to share)

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