Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Family Time

Steven and I got to spend some time in Arlington this past weekend, and it was so fun! My favorite part is getting to hang out with my nephews, Caleb and Luke. We also went to church (where Steven grew up) and sunday school that was led by his brother, Bryan. We are so renewed when we are able to spend time with family and truly need to do it more often. They are only an hour away! I just wanted to say that I was thankful for the beautiful weather, the really interesting lesson in sunday school and time with family. Hope yours was as blessed.

My favorite Caleb comment:

Caleb:Tiffy, look at my sticker

ME: Wow, where did you get it?

Caleb: Daddy gave it to me

ME: your one lucky boy!

Caleb (with a frown):I not yucky!

Isnt that funny!

Lastly, Steven has been interviewing for his DREAM job since the first week in February. He has been through two interviews and lots of waiting and wondering and praying. We were told that the interview process is now over and we will hear from them this week. Please pray that if he is offered the job, it is the best option for our family. Also, that if it wasn't meant to be that we wont be dissapointed, but positive about what the future holds for him.

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