Thursday, May 17, 2007

A good Sale!

You just can't beat a good sale. I love finding them and then sharing them with anyone who cares! Well I am sure that you have now heard about my new endeavor and may even be sick of hearing about it, but there are so many great things that come from Signature Homestyles (SHS), that I must share!

The Mega Super Savings Sale is just that MEGA! I have some weddings and graduations coming up and have found some perfect things on the mega super savings sale. Here are a few of my favorites:

Contemporary Twisted Bowl: $9.45!!
What a neat bowl for a coffee table! I am thinking of giving this for a wedding gift!

Picture Perfect Wall Decor $19.25!!
I think this would be perfect in a dorm or new foyer.

Tuscan Trio Canvas $26.25 (WAS $75)
Love it!

Pretty good deal, huh! If you are interested just click and then go to the MEGA SUPER SAVINGS SALE in the top right hand corner.
Here are some more great finds!
$4.40 (not a is LESS than $5)

$5.60 for a set of 2!
$12.25 for the set!
Let me know what you order! These gift ideas are such great prices you can't help but want to share it with everyone OR keep it to yourself (hehe)!
Aren't you glad I shared!?

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