Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Celebrity News

Celebrities.....I hate that I love them so much, but I, for some reason am fascinated by celebrities. I have always wanted to be famous, but don't have any real talent to even make me a candidate for fame. I know that they are just like us; however they have access to life's finest things. How fun is that?!

I love a good celebrity sighting and had two recently!! In the past, I have literally run into Matt Perry. Taken a picture with JC Chasez. Met OJ Simpson (funny story... from far away I thought it was Bill Cosby and was totally stoked to meet him until I found out it was OJ). I spoke with Kelly Preston while taking her family backstage at Disney, and now I have two more to add to the list.

This past weekend my company was hosting Dance Nationals in Orlando, FL. While waiting at the baggage claim, I look up and Steven's eyes are about to pop out of his head. "what is wrong, babe" I say. And he says " I am almost positive that is Ben Rothlisberger over there." He goes on to explain that a bunch of athletes are coming to town for an ESPN thing at the Wide World of Sports at Disney.

For twenty minutes all the guys in our group continued to talk about how cool it is that Ben was standing 10 feet away. (FYI he is Ginormous!) Then.......Michelle realizes that the girl that he is holding hands with is Missy Peregrym from Stick It! Now I was excited!!

I grew up in gymnastics and coached it for years, so when the movie stick it came out, all the girls at work and I were in line to see it! We loved it. Missy was the lead. It is a fantabulous girl movie if you haven't seen it.

At this point I decided it was time to ask for autographs, so I did. Now we have Ben Rothlisberger on one side of the paper and Missy on the other! Now the fight is over which side is going to be displayed in our sports room. I still vote Missy!

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