Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Reality Check

Well I watched the shows last night, and thought it was very interesting. I actually coached the majority of the girls on the show; however they never show any of their names. TLC has clearly chosen to focus on Kristen with this series.

I don't know what to think about this coach. I find him odd and wonder if he knows what he is doing. With that said, I found the depictions of Kristen, her mother and the rest of the team were extremely accurate. I know exactly what it feels like to coach Kristen and they showed it.

I will continue to watch. I can't help it. Tell me what you thought. This is what the Waco Tribune Herald had to say.

Hope you have a fantabulous day!


Anonymous said...

I loved the show! Some parts slow but good for a good laugh. I felt sorry for the coach. Male having to put up with all those girls and parents. WOW! Who would do that!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, this is random. It's Marcy Schaffer (now Everett) from Midway. I read your blog off Lauren's. I watched the cheerleading show and I was speechless. All those girls looked snobby and not willing to work! I couldn't believe it! Anyways, I'll try to comment more. I like reading your blog!

Nicki W. said...

i heard that unfortunately, they picked the kookiest moms to be on the show--which i am sure they did for a reason...makes for great ratings and talk. is it still on? i missed it--let me know if so when.

Tiffany said...

Hey Marcy! Thanks for reading. I am just glad that we didn't have that kind of drama when we were there. I loved my years at midway, and find it kinda hard to watch on tv the way it is now.
It airs on Mondays at 6pm and 6:30. it looks like it is going to be a short series. Tell Brent Happy birthday! Steven's is Nov. 28th!

Tamberly said...

Hi Tiffany,

You don't know me - I stumbled onto your blog while seaching for more info on the Texas Cheerleader Mom's show. I'm from Georgetown, TX.
I've enjoyed reading your blog - keep up the good and interesting blogging!
I can't believe what I see with TCM..I'm a cheer mom myself, of a high school sophmore. (Gosh - I feel like I was just in college a few years ago myself.) Anyhow - I can't believe all we are seeing is the "controversy." All teens and cheerleaders have that, but please..I wish the show would stop focusing on it.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it went well in your new home.

God Bless!