Friday, November 17, 2006

"Its the most busy time of the year"

I love this time of year; however I feel like I am already behind my to do list. Is anyone else feeling this way already? I seem to have several large things to plan or attend and I don't know where to start!

This weekend I will be shopping for 3 birthdays! These are important birthdays, because it is my sister, my dad and my husband all within the next two weeks! I love giving gifts and take it very seriously. I try to get something they will really love, every time. This is now getting me in trouble! I am running out of creative ideas.

After the birthdays, I have 13 people (possibly 14 I was informed today) coming to my new home for Thanksgiving. On one hand I am stoked to get to still sleep in my own bed and not have to travel, but on the other......are we ready to host this many people??? Time will tell. I have so much to get ready, I don't even know where to start!

I am also hosting a baby shower for a very good friend at work. I am so happy to do it, but how am I going to pull this off with everything else I am doing??

Between 3 holiday parties, being head of the social committee at work, and helping to host my mother in laws birthday party next month I need 3 more of me!! Thank goodness Steven is so helpful and thinks to do things before I do or I might fall over.

I didn't really mean for this to be a ranting post, but I needed to get this off my chest. I know I will make it through all of my list and enjoy doing it. My chest is kinda tight now, and I can't breathe so I am going to go work on my to do list. Thanks for listening!

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