Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday! (thanks for the idea, Nikki)

Steven is 27 today! I am excited about my gifts for him and dinner tonight. We are going to his favorite steak house in Frisco, Randy's Steakhouse. I really hope that he has a great day, because he deserves it. He works very hard and always does more for me than I deserve.
Here are some fun pics of my fabulous husband!


Things I love about Steven Nelson:
* His amazingly blue eyes
* He loves God
* He is great with kids
* He is good at his job
* He takes care of me
* He loves, loves sports so much that he has a masters in it, works in it and plays at least once a week
* He LOVES his family. They are very important to him.
* He wears two pairs of socks with dress shoes no matter what
* He is a very picky eater, yet he always tries new things when I ask him to
* His laugh makes me laugh
* He is the best workout partner
* He is SOOOO smart
* I can't resist him when his hat is on backwards
* He always does the dishes ( and I mean always)
* He chooses to drive a ten year old truck and I get the new car
* He is alot like my dad

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Steven said...

Thanks Honey, I Love You