Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy March!!

I Love March!
Here's Why:
* My favorite holiday is my Birthday (March21)
* March Madness
* St Patrick's Day (my favorite was spent at St Patricks Cathedral in New York)
* Spring Break ( I miss this!)
* It comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb
*All of my friends growing up had March Birthdays: Katie Reid, Teresa Fullen, Mike Stewart, Talley, Lance...etc
* The first day of Spring is in March
* Celebrity Birthdays:
Rosie O'donnell
Matthew broderick
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Reese Witherspoon
*1996 - The Dallas Mavericks set a record when they attempted 44 3-point shots in a game against the Vancouver Grizzlies. (MArch 21)
*1985 - A Beatles song was used for the first time in a TV commercial. Lincoln-Mercury used the song, "HELP!"
* Aries: If your baby is born under the sign of Aries, he or she has the qualities it takes to be a leader. Aries people are pioneers and visionaries giving force, energy and inspiration to the people around them. Aries are aggressive and enthusiastic, yet inclined to be compulsive and quick in action. Persons born with this sign can be stubborn and extremely impatient but still attract many admirers for their confidence. When challenged, the Aries person is a formidable opponent who is both bold and firm. Aries children must learn to curb their natural determination to have their own way. He or she must learn to 'give in' and admit when they are at fault. Their pioneering instincts should be encouraged. Their aspirations should be taken seriously and given great attention to. Aries are thinkers - always planning for the future, conjuring new ideas and schemes, and often misunderstood and laughed at because they are so far ahead of their time. Aries do best managing enterprises or businesses and tapping into unknown fields. Aries are most compatible with the Sagittarius (Steven) and Leo signs

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cls said...

I'm a friend of Nicki Wilson. She has a link to your Blog on her Blog. Just wanted you to know that I am also in LOVE with my schnauzers, Gabby and Gracie. I saw a picture of yours and she is TOO cute! My blog has a couple of pictures of my schnau-shcnaus! Hope you don't mind getting a comment from a friend of a friend!